Gerber Asia FAQ’s

Gerber Asia has been a pivotal player with Gerber Goldschmidt Group for over 30 years, ensuring that our complete knowledge of all facets of the sourcing and import procurement process is underpinned by our vast experience in the various industries.

The collective expertise of the Gerber Asia management team means that you can confidently rely on the fact that all orders placed are handled directly by Gerber Asia.

Because Gerber Asia has been operating for over 30 years, we have an established local supplier base, which we deal with directly. By creating long-standing, trusted partnerships with credible suppliers, we ensure that our offering is always the most cost effective available. Each of our suppliers have become trusted partners over the years, and all subscribe to the same standard of customer satisfaction that forms the essence of our business.

Gerber Asia has appointed a dedicated resource that operates with a hands-on approach. This resource will form your point of contact for the entire procurement and import process, ensuring that all communication will be dealt with in English. This resource will also be your contact for after sales service.

The old adage that first impressions last, never rings more true than with Gerber Asia. Our strict quality control assurance measures, which all staff adhere to with each and every order, ensure that you receive the same superior quality products and service on an ongoing basis, guaranteed.